Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worthy WIP Wednesday 8/10/11

So this week's WIP rec really is a "work in progress"...the story hasn't been finished yet, but I've stepped in as a beta for the already posted chapters (have done 11 of them so far) so it is getting a facelift and is in desperate need of some love so you know the drill....GO READ & REVIEW (and please tell him I sent ya!)

Our New Beginning by Judas Manifesto
Set after NM. Bella has moved on, dance giving her the confidence to no longer be a scared little girl. Edward gets a wake-up call in Brazil that has him returning to Forks. Dramatic surprises await, will they keep these two from a second chance? LEMONS!


"Wow," Edward said, watching my hips. "Is that what you learned when you started dancing?" he asked.
I shook my head, and stopped dancing. "Nope. That's what I learned in night clubs."
Edward's eyes tightened at the word 'nightclubs' and he glared at me, sitting up on his elbows. "You went to a night club?" he asked, not impressed.
Whoops. Not my best plan.
"No, nightclubs. More than one," I told him, knowing I was making him more annoyed.
He slowly started to stand up, yanking his pants and underwear back on. He stood to his full height to glare down at me. I smiled up at him, pretending I had done nothing wrong.
"Where do you think I learned the moves from our night out in a club? A dance studio?" I teased.
"I was hoping so," he snapped, his glare making me slightly annoyed.
I shrugged, stepping away from him and patted his butt which was still hanging out of his pants. He pulled them all the way back up, zipped and buttoned before following me as I walked backwards, deeper into the meadow. I was aware that my jeans were open at the front, but they were tight enough to still stay on, so I forgot about it.
"Where are you going love?" Edward called out to me as I continued slowly retreating from him.
I just smiled and then fell backwards. I wasn't surprised when Edward was already there to catch me. I laughed as he positioned his lap under my head with a smart smile.
"You're good," I told him.
"I hope so," he replied with a crooked smirk, winking when my mouth fell open.
"Edward!" I exclaimed falsely, "Was that a sexual innuendo?"