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Hidden Desires
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Summary: Edward questions whether he’ll ever find Mrs. Right as no encounter ever seems to fully satisfy him. One night, as he’s given up, he meets Carrie who will help him discover his hidden desires. But will Edward run when he discovers her hidden secret? Rated M

Story Teaser:

I really do try to develop the relationship. Ironically, I’m usually the one asking the ladies to slow down, coaxing them to start with dating that eventually leads to kissing, then making out and finally sexual relations about a month in.

Lucky for me, they’ve all ended amicably and I have some of the best girl friends ever. Now, if I could just find a girlfriend.

With a sigh, I weave my fingers into her hair and gently guide her off of my member. “Rose, sweetheart,” she looks up at me with shame on her face, “I know you’re trying and I appreciate it, I really do, it’s just,” I huff and she smiles sweetly.

“It’s just not working for you,” she offers and I nod.

“C’mere?” I ask, holding my arms open to her. She quickly scrambles up into them and lays her head on my chest as I stroke her hair.

“What’s wrong with me, Rose? Why can’t I find sex satisfactory with anyone? I seem to have no problem making the mental connection, I just can’t seem to get the physical connection.”

She folds her hands together on my chest and rests her chin on them. “I’m not sure, babe. I was certain that because you hadn’t tried a blond yet that I could do it for you,” she giggles.

I groan and laugh. “It seems my hand is the only thing that can get the job done. I mean, I’ve heard of being a self-starter and all that, but I think this is going a little far, don't you?” I growl as I fist my limp dick.

When it twitches and starts to swell in my hand, we both start laughing.

“Edward,” Rose says, suddenly becoming serious, “have you considered the possibility that you might be gay?”

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Eclectic Tastes

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SUMMARY: Isabella Swan has made her place in life, writing an exclusive column for a popular foody magazine. What she doesn’t have is love. Chef Edward Masen comes from an embittered past and has had to fight for the simple way he lives. When she shows up to interview him, will they find that an appreciation for food is the only thing they have in common, or will there be more? Rated M for lemons...not of the food variety!

I fisted my hair, groaning as I recalled every nuance of the night before. From watching her lips wrap around the fork on her first bite, to the amused shock I’d felt when she demanded that I take a bite from that same fork. From watching her suck down the tea like she had just returned, parched and dry, from a desert to listening to her womanly voice praise me repeatedly over the experimental cake.  
I hadn’t been able to get the images out of my head last night as I had stroked myself to a mind blowing orgasm in my shower thinking of how it would be to run my fingers through her silky blonde hair as I pulled her tiny soft body up next to my hard solid one, just before I laid her out on my work table and made a delectable feast out of her.
Good god, the things I could coat her in... honey drizzled on her lips and then thoroughly kissed clean, warm chocolate ladled over her ass to slowly be licked away, fresh berries tucked into her warm heat to be slurped out messily, even swirling her nipples in Nutella and taking my time to divest her of every thick dollop.


True English Rose and I are also signed up to do an outtake from Boys and Their Toys for this cause as TER has an autistic child and it's a cause close to her heart.

~Toysper Goes to Greece~
Toysper πηγαίνει στην Ελλάδα

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Elf on Holiday

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Through The Woods

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Aim High
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Have Mercy
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