Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the Season . . .

A minimum $5 donation to Toys for Tots will have Santa delivering a compilation of goodies to your inbox on Christmas Eve.

I am participating with two donations:

Summary: Carlisle may be the patriarch of the family, but as a Cullen you eventually learn that Esme rules the roost. Now that Jake has joined the family it’s his turn to learn the rules as well. BDSM/slash. Written for the 2012 Christmas Wishes Compilation in support of Toys for Tots.

They had reached the bottom of a staircase which lead to a basement Jacob hadn't even known the Cullen's had in their home. He couldn't respond to Carlisle as the scent of stale vampire blood sent a tremor through his body.
“Can you control yourself, Jacob?”
His eyes snapped up to meet Esme who stood next to lengths of heavy chain dangling from above.
“I'm still on two legs, aren't I?” he snapped back. Jacob was catching on, but still didn't know what he was about to have to do. He hated that the situation had spiked his endorphins, and that his body was crackling with energy on high alert.
Jacob's knees cracked against the concrete as he was forced abruptly down.
“You will respect my wife – your Mistress,” Carlisle muttered firmly by his ear.
“This will never work. You can't teach an old dog new tricks,” Edward complained from Jacob's left.
“Edward,” Esme warned. “Since you have so much to say, you may go first in explaining why the fuck we have to do this, what events brought us here.” She glanced up at Jasper, “You may begin preparing him while he talks.”

As a special bonus, TrueEnglishRose and I are also teaming up to do a Boys & Their Toys futuretake:  Toysper Discovers Playskool
This will ONLY be available in the compilation -- we will NOT be posting to any fanfiction site at a later date. 

I could act like a bitch on the outside, but opening that door and seeing those two hot-as-fuck specimens shoving their tongues down each other’s throats was too much. My fantasy of doing them both had started taking shape the first time Jasper had come in and eventually confessed that Edward was his lover. The fantasy had only became clearer when they’d come into the shop together to do Jasper’s piercing and I got to see firsthand what the boy was packing. 

It was no wonder Edward had fallen in love. 

So when Edward called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I’d been serious about sharing the kitty with them, I couldn’t say no.

Edward dragged a gaping Jasper behind him after I called them in. As soon as they passed me, I hip-checked Jasper and told him to close his mouth unless he planned on putting something in it.

It had taken us all of about five minutes to get through the preliminaries of getting everyone out of their clothes, and for me to glance at the piercing: on my knees just before I took him into my mouth.

Jasper cried out in shock. “Bella! What . . .”

“Jasper, have you not noticed that all three of us are very naked in my shop? Do you think we’re here to compare ink and steel?”

“No, but -”

“Edward, shut him up so I can work here,” I snapped, and promptly took Jasper’s dick back into my mouth. 

His protests vanished as Edward closed his mouth over Jasper’s and I sucked for all I was worth.


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