Saturday, September 29, 2012

Team Stand Up For Katalina

Hello my wayward darlin's~

My first official manuscript has been sent off to RenRom for inclusion in the 4th installment of their Candy Collection series ... anticipated release date is December 11th, but more on that later.  Today I want to bring your attention to a very worthy cause.

Have you, or someone you know, ever been affected by cancer? Chances are, you're answer is "Yes." Please take a moment to read Katalina's story and all the lovely messages being left for her on the blog. $5 will get you the PDF collection that is in the works of outtakes and one shots, some fanfic, some original fic.  New authors to well known favorites are participating.  I personally am contributing a When In Romania outtake of Bella's first Halloween as a vampire.  Further, I will NOT be posting this outtake to any of my three fic profiles at a later date ... it will only be available in the compilation. It is my understanding some of the other authors will be doing this as well.

I leave you with the simple plea to give what you can.

An excerpt from A Very Cullen Halloween: a WIR outtake ~

“What do you mean, ‘We don’t celebrate Halloween’?” I growled in disbelief at Edward while his eyes shifted from my face to the right.  “Don’t look at Jasper for help,” I warned, earning a faint chuckle from Emmett, who stood behind me.

I mean, it was Halloween for goodness sakes.  My favorite holiday while human.  No one told me I’d have to give it up to become a vampire. Not that it would have changed my decision, but still.

They had me surrounded and the training instilled in me by my dad had me on edge. I hadn’t tried bolting in a month, they could trust me … but they didn’t.  It wasn’t like the fews times I had run, I’d gone after humans.  I just wanted to be able to run at full speed through the mountains and hunt along the way. They said I was too careless and messy.

“Bella, love, we can’t eat candy, remember? There is no point in us going,” he tried to calm me, and for a moment it worked, until I stomped my foot and hissed at Jasper to knock it off.

“But, Edward, we are vampires! How can you not see the humor in that?”

He pulled his plump lips into a tight line and sighed heavily. The way he was acting, you’d think he felt as if he were dealing with a petulant child.

“Please. I’ve been good, but we’ve been cooped up in this castle for ages,” I whined and again heard Emmett’s amusement behind me, this time in the form of a snort. My words fell short when I noticed Edward was smirking at me.  “What?”

Keeping the smile in place, he came forward and took my hands in his, coaxing them to uncurl from the fists I’d made.  “You are adorable,” he crooned at me then leaned forward and kissed me. Gentle at first, just a whisper of movement as our lips brushed against each other.

At my involuntary whimper, he pressed harder, my lips beginning to smash against my teeth as he applied more force.  Venom was starting to drip onto my tongue, pooling there with the heightening arousal of my body.

Edward guided one of my hands to the front of his pants, showing me that he could smell me … and he liked it.  Feeling brave, I pulled back from the kiss and batted my lashes at him.

“I could dress up as a naughty schoolgirl,” I taunted with an innocent twist of my body while I swung my arms and pouted, continuing to look at him from under my lashes.

Edward groaned. Jasper barked out a laugh before slapping a hand over his mouth, and Emmett, well, he had his arms wrapped around his midsection while he guffawed with the gaiety of a circus clown.


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