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Worth WIP Wednesday 8/31/11

Time for another work in progress...but trust me, you'll be so glad you got in at the beginning of this one...I have a really good feeling it's going to be AMAZING!!!!  It's only 4 chapters in so far, but it already has over 300 reviews...that should tell you something!

A Taste of Honey by SoapyMayhem
Ex-Senator Edward Cullen has denied himself the pleasure of living the BDSM lifestyle for years now. Shortly after deciding to seek a new sub, he meets artist Isabella Swan in the most unexpected place - her high school graduation! Lemons/DirtyWords/BDSM.   Rated M


As the crowd broke out into applause, I searched the student section for Isabella – coming up short. Realizing that, alphabetically, she would have been seated near the back section, I turned my gaze. A bit of movement finally caught my eye, and what I saw caused my cock to stir a bit.
She was tall - not overly so, though it was hard to judge at my current distance. I assumed she was 5'7" or 5'8", but quite petite, as she was practically swallowed whole by her robes. What caught my eye and stiffened my cock was her demeanor.
She was shy, no doubt – the way her head bowed forward caused her thick mahogany locks to create a curtain around her face as she slowly approached the stage.
I struggled to get my cock under control – silently thanking God that the podium hid the massive tent in my slacks that only seemed to worsen as the girl came closer and closer.
With, trepidation, she walked up the steps – the angle finally giving me a glimpse of her face. Thick dark lashes fanned against her cheeks as her eyes stayed locked on the ground, while her bottom lip, held firmly between her teeth, was causing some serious lust to rage in my body. Fuck.
I picked up on her embarrassment right away at the sight of her blushing cherry cheeks- she looked so shy.
She was finally in front of me when I was assaulted by her scent, and Jesus Christ, did she smell fucking innocent and sweet. She was honey, warm peaches, and all-girl – heaven and fucking hell. I stifled a groan and pressed my cock against the podium to relieve a little of the tension.
In an effort to not reach out and touch, I her gripped the edge of the wooden stand with the hand that wasn't holding her certificate. This was neither the time nor the place, and the last thing I wanted to do was frighten this poor girl with my insatiable needs, much less in front of an audience that no doubt contained her family.

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Mentionable Monday 8/29/11

Okay, this week's completed rec is fairly new...just came out last week.  It's a quick, light and clever drabble of 16 chapters...with a twist.  It's written so we don't know who the POV  or the mystery couple until the very end.  If you want something fun that will keep you on your toes...go give this a shot...and tell her I sent ya when you leave your guesses!!

Ray of Light by lvtwilight09
Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale. A drabble fic of love at first sight.  Rated M


Two weeks in and our project is going really well. We all seem to work really well together and we've all become friends. We've hung out a few times, going to movies or dinner and I have to say it's nice having friends again. After my last relationship ended, all my friends sided with my ex, leaving me all alone.
As much as I love having friends, I do have to admit there is one person I wish I could be more than friends with. Getting to know them these past two weeks has been wonderful. Working with them on our project has let me see how smart they are and outside of working on our project, just hanging out…I've gotten to see them be carefree and relaxed. The more time we spend together the more I want the chance to be with them.
I'm worried that the others have noticed me staring or lost in daydreams, but I don't think anyone has. At least until Alice calls me out on it while we're in Starbucks waiting for our drinks.

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Short-n-Sweet Saturday 8/27/11

Okay, this weeks one shot rec is a little different and definitely under loved!  Please go read, review and tell her I sent ya!  And for pete's sake, don't flounce it because of the beginning me...give it a chance, you won't be sorry!

Misleading Desires by theonlykla
Non-canon pairing. Alice and Edward have been friends since kindergarten. They are best friends, but how will their relationship last when it becomes about jealousy and over-protectiveness, thrown in with hot, no holds barred sexual chemistry.  Rated M


She wasted no time positioning herself over me as I thrust up and into her in one push. She gasp as I pulled her legs up around the sides of my head, "Grab a hold of the arms of the chair and don't let go." I said as I watched my cock gliding in and out of her wet pussy. She felt indescribable wrapped around me.
I pushed deeper into her with each upward stroke. I loved fucking her this way, as she was so small and I can bend her easily, feeling her so deeply.
She pushed down and I pushed up, we fucked hard, rough and neither of us came quickly. Both of us enjoyed the feel of how the other felt when we were connected this way.
I grabbed her knees and swung them both to the left, swiveling her around on my cock, "Put your feet down in front and ride my cock, baby." I loved how we've gotten so used to each others bodies that my cock didn't leave the confines of her pussy as I swung her around.

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Worthy WIP Wednesday 8/24/11

OKAY...if you aren't following this one yet...YOU SHOULD BE!!!  Short chapters that are packed with a wallop!  Be prepared with tissues.

The Bakery by kitkat681
Trying to escape from her captors, Isabella wanders into a bakery in the middle of the night. When Edward finds her, broken and beaten, hiding in a stairwell, will he have the strength to help her? Dose she have the strength to trust him? Expanded O/S.

He cursed as he found the back door unlocked again. How many times had he drilled it into Seth's head that he needed to make sure everything was locked up when he left for the night? Ever since his bakery had taken off, Edward had been able to hire more staff and not work from open to close everyday. The fact that he was unable to trust said staff made his blood boil. He whipped out his cell phone as his eyes scanned the kitchen for any sign that someone had been in there. When Seth's voice, groggy with sleep picked up, Edward did not even try to hold back his anger."Did you forget to do something last night?" He growled into the phone. Seth was instantly alert and apologetic as he said all of the right things to his boss. Edward let him hang for a few minutes before calmly explaining, once again, the importance of making sure everything was secure before they left for the night. Seth was full of remorse and promises that it would never happen again. After ending the call, Edward dropped his head to the prep table and banged his fist against the unforgiving metal surface. Had it not been so quiet, he would have never heard the startled gasp that originated from across the room. His head whipped up at the sound and he stared at the partially open door that led up to the storage room. He walked slowly to the opening, hearing the strangled breathing from whoever was inside the stairwell. Inside his head he was telling himself that he should have just called the cops and have them deal with the intruder, but as he got closer, the pathetic sobs got louder.

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Mentionable Monday 8/22/2011

Time for another completed fic rec!

Midnight Decadence by Lilith617
Bella Cullen and her family arent the only family in Forks with a secret. Will Bella be able to withstand the tempting blood of newcomer Edward Masen, while unravelling the mystery behind his facade? Twilight with a twist. OOC/AU/future citrus!COMPLETE!  16 chapters, Rated M


"Have you seen him, the new guy?" Lauren asked Jessica, flinging her corn-silk, blonde hair over her shoulder, awaiting Jessica's nasally reply. A tidal wave of pungency flew in my direction and I quickly held my breath, dropping my head and allowing the thickness and the smell of strawberries that wafted from my hair to curtain some of the obnoxious blow. The rotten combination of Lauren's perfume, mixed with the undesirable scent of her blood, made me want to regurgitate the elk blood that still sat laden in my stomach.
I moaned in protest, keeping my head hidden as the bell rang, leaving me no other option but to endure the torment I was being dealt. Reluctantly, I opted to hold my breath- something I rarely did in school for fear of looking inhuman- and tried to relax; settling in for what would probably be the longest hour of my existence.
"Hello, Jess. I'm talking to you." Lauren waved what was supposed to be a perfectly manicured hand before Skank-ley's face, finally gaining her attention.
"Oh, yeah. The new guy…he is totally fuck-able, what's his name again?" Jessica asked, not surprising me in the least with her reference. Of course she thought he was 'fuck-able'. In fact, that was all she was thinking and had been thinking.
This poor human was merely a sheep amongst wolves and he didn't even know it.
"His name is Edward Masen. He's the new Police Chiefs son. Apparently, he just moved here from Phoenix. Though it sure doesn't look like it. He's pale as shit," Lauren said leaning into Jessica, whispering into her ear, "He could probably pass for a Cullen," she snickered, nodding towards my direction. I had all I could not to rip her throat out where she sat. In addition, as if that wasn't enough, I now had a name to go with the nauseating vision's Skank-ley's mind was currently assaulting me with.

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Short-n-Sweet Saturday 8/20/11

Feels like a zesty day to me...

Young Lust, Dirty Girls by Anadabyel
Groupies keep Rock and Roll satisfied. No judgments and no repercussions. Because music is what feelings are made of. This is a story of a groupie who found herself after she gave herself away for the last time.


Now as seniors and about to graduate, Angela and I were in our own personal heaven at the Spokane Music Festival. Our newest musical obsession was Diminution, a band out of Chicago, with three brothers and one cousin. They are beautiful. Especially, the lead singer, who also plays rhythm guitar. At least he is for me. Edward Cullen was everything I could have ever wanted as one of my experiences. Light brown hair with coppery highlights. A long perfect torso that led directly into a heavenly V, it was actually evident because he never wore a shirt, just beaded necklaces that hung savagely all over his chiseled chest. He has piercing green eyes that come through the posters and magazine articles. I was going to have him. Angela had a thing for the bassist, Ben, the youngest brother. He was too short for me, but she loved the fact that he wore glasses. Whatever. To each her own. There was the drummer Emmett Cullen a huge, Godlike man whose dick I was sure the size of an elephant, I never allowed my brain to go there even for the fantasy. But the cousin was so beautiful I almost came undone. Jasper Cullen. The lead guitarist. He was tall, blond, and looked like a damn angel with dirty wings.

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Worthy WIP Wednesday 8/17/11

So this week's WIP is really just getting off the ground...however, only 3 chapters in and it's owning me!

My Master of Darkness by TrueEnglishRose
Being a Dom wasn't what he wanted anymore. Love, marriage and a family was in his mind now. Could Bella, who had already raised a family, of sorts, be the answer? What does Bella want? BDSM themes through out. All human. E&B


"Would it be possible for a dance?" I gasped slightly as I heard the same voice that flowed through the speakers earlier in the evening. Although the voice sounded as if it were right next to me, I stayed quiet, not wanting to make a fool of myself if he was talking to someone else close to me.
I felt a warm finger ghost gently over my shoulder as he asked again.
"It would be my pleasure." I replied as I stood up from the table.
His hand trailed slowly down my arm until it reached my hand and he grasped it slightly. It was such a sensual feeling to have in the dark, with a stranger. I shivered as goose bumps broke out over the surface of my skin.
I didn't know the music that was playing, but it was gentle and soothing as we made our way over to the dance floor, blind leading the blind.
Our fingers intertwined as he wrapped his other arms around my waist. I laid my free hand on his bicep. From how it felt, he would be significantly taller than I was if I'd had my shoes off.
I had a sudden compulsion to lean in to see what he smelt like when he held me a little closer, but I held myself in place.

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Mentionable Monday 8/15/11

This week's completed fic rec is a heart touching love story that is very well written.  Warning: you might need tissues.

Secret Life by MandyLeigh87
Bella meets and instantly hates Edward Cullen, her roommate's brother. But they both have secrets in their life that bring them closer in life and love than they ever imagined. AH E/B  25 chapters


I pulled out my book from my bag and turned it to a random page. It didn't matter where it was, I had read it so many times I could pick up the story within a few sentences. I sat by the fire for a few minutes, being consumed by the warmth and drawn into the world of Jane Austen. I was only vaguely aware of the world around me, until someone, I wasn't sure who at the time, bumped into my arm spilling my drink everywhere.
"Damn it!" I yelled, shaking the burning liquid off my skin and practically ringing out my book. It was basically ruined. I sat there, expecting an apology. New Yorkers weren't known for their kindness, but even this granted some kind of 'sorry,' even if it was mumbled in passing. I glanced up to suspiciously eye my 'bumper,' but he was totally oblivious. He was tall, with his muscles clearly visible through his faded brown leather jacket. He was no body builder, but I could tell he was subtly built. His dusty bronze hair was sticking out every which way from the top of his head, the color complementing his sun-kissed skin.
He swooped down, taking the other side of the couch for himself and setting his large bag and something else I couldn't quite see down beside him. I glared at him fiercely, willing him to meet my gaze and show him what he had done, but he was too consumed in his own world blasting his IPod and tapping idly on his knees.
Unbelievable, I thought to myself. I continued to wipe myself off, exaggerating every move hoping to catch his eye. My efforts were not rewarded. I stared back at him, even more agitated than before.
"Ugh," I sighed, sitting back into my seat. His eyes shifted briefly towards me, but didn't look before he turned his attention back to his personal jam session.
I began to tap my foot lightly, my frustrations beginning to boil over. I absentmindedly glanced up at the clock and realized I was about to be late for work, again. I quickly gathered my things, shoving them into my bag and headed out the door, giving up on the battle with coffee guy.

TSID video update

I need to apologize as I had mentioned in my latest chapter that I would be reposting the TSID video, however, the file my vid girl had emailed me didn't come through, so I was unable to do so.  I will keep ya'll posted and let you know when we have it working.  SORRY!

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Short-n-Sweet Saturday 8/13/11

Ready for a sexy little oneshot?  Good, me too!

Earn the A by ItHappened
Dr. Cullen has been given a proposition from his best and worst student, Bella Swan. CONTEST ENTRY FOR PUBLIC LOVIN'.


"Dr. Cullen," an all but familiar voice announced behind me. The sultry call of my name on her lips twisted the knot in my stomach and I slowly turned my head and found Bella heading straight in my direction, her paper in hand.
"Bella, I'm not having office hours right now, we can discuss-"
"I need to speak to you now about my paper. I'm not going to be on campus tomorrow and this is urgent," she interrupted me, as I knew she would.
It wasn't urgent, and she was such a little liar because I'd memorized her class schedule so I'd be able to avoid her throughout campus each day. With a heavy sigh, I opened my door and signaled for her to come inside. So much for getting home to relax without a headache.
"I wrote specifically why I had to give you that grade," I began, not even bothering to take my seat since I was going to force her to take the hint that I wasn't about to stick around to be grilled for thirty minutes. Bella casually took a seat and placed her paper on my desk.
"Dr. Cullen, I need to explain something to you," she said. My attention was only on closing down my computer and getting the hell out of there. So when I finally glanced up, I blinked a few times when I noticed that her blouse appeared to be lower than normal.
"I've worked my ass off for the grades that I get here. And I've never had a problem with any professor, except for you. My parents expect only the highest of grades, and I know with a B on any paper, my grade would be in danger of slipping. So believe me when I say that I'm going to do what I can to get a goddamn A in your class, and any future class that I'll have with you. Do you understand?"
Her speech was amusing. I'd never been bribed before, so this would now be considered the highlight of my week. Having Bella Swan sitting in my office, trying to pay me off for a grade. What did my colleagues do in these situations?

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Worthy WIP Wednesday 8/10/11

So this week's WIP rec really is a "work in progress"...the story hasn't been finished yet, but I've stepped in as a beta for the already posted chapters (have done 11 of them so far) so it is getting a facelift and is in desperate need of some love so you know the drill....GO READ & REVIEW (and please tell him I sent ya!)

Our New Beginning by Judas Manifesto
Set after NM. Bella has moved on, dance giving her the confidence to no longer be a scared little girl. Edward gets a wake-up call in Brazil that has him returning to Forks. Dramatic surprises await, will they keep these two from a second chance? LEMONS!


"Wow," Edward said, watching my hips. "Is that what you learned when you started dancing?" he asked.
I shook my head, and stopped dancing. "Nope. That's what I learned in night clubs."
Edward's eyes tightened at the word 'nightclubs' and he glared at me, sitting up on his elbows. "You went to a night club?" he asked, not impressed.
Whoops. Not my best plan.
"No, nightclubs. More than one," I told him, knowing I was making him more annoyed.
He slowly started to stand up, yanking his pants and underwear back on. He stood to his full height to glare down at me. I smiled up at him, pretending I had done nothing wrong.
"Where do you think I learned the moves from our night out in a club? A dance studio?" I teased.
"I was hoping so," he snapped, his glare making me slightly annoyed.
I shrugged, stepping away from him and patted his butt which was still hanging out of his pants. He pulled them all the way back up, zipped and buttoned before following me as I walked backwards, deeper into the meadow. I was aware that my jeans were open at the front, but they were tight enough to still stay on, so I forgot about it.
"Where are you going love?" Edward called out to me as I continued slowly retreating from him.
I just smiled and then fell backwards. I wasn't surprised when Edward was already there to catch me. I laughed as he positioned his lap under my head with a smart smile.
"You're good," I told him.
"I hope so," he replied with a crooked smirk, winking when my mouth fell open.
"Edward!" I exclaimed falsely, "Was that a sexual innuendo?"

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Mentionable Monday 8/8/11

In the mood for a little kinkery?  Well, so are Edward and Bella and they are going to recruit Carlisle to teach them how to be kinky...

Between Pleasure and Pain by sadtomato
Bella's been keeping her kinky fantasies a secret from her husband, Edward. When he finds out about her dark desires, he turns to Carlisle for guidance. Will Carlisle's mentoring help bring E&B closer or drive them apart? BxExC, AH, BDSM, Rated M!  20 chapters


"See anything you're interested in?" he asks, turning to face us. We're still standing just inside the door. Bella steps toward the cross, tugging me behind her. She approaches it, running her fingers over the smooth, dark wood.
"I know what that's for," she says, pointing to the bench behind her, "but what do you use this for?"
"Restraint, my dear," he answers, moving closer. "May I show you?" he asks her, but his eyes meet mine. I nod my assent, resting my hand protectively on Bella's back but allowing him to maneuver her limbs. She's facing the wall, and he guides her forward until her chest is flush against it. He lifts her hands, placing them on the cuffs at the top of the cross but not buckling her in. Kneeling, he spreads her legs apart at the ankles, aligning them with the cross.
"She looks beautiful, doesn't she?" he asks me. I nod, pulling my jacket closed with hope that it covers my growing erection. "You can whip her like this. She won't be able to move... it's very intense. Or, if you choose, you can turn her so she's facing forward."
He pulls Bella's wrists down to her sides, spinning her around so she's facing us. Her eyes are bright and her breathing is heavy- I know she's aroused, but I'm not sure what's causing it- the position, the room, or Carlisle. He lifts her arms again, holding them against the wood before he leans down to whisper in her ear. She immediately grabs the cuffs and spreads her legs, looking down to make sure she's aligned with the cross.
"When she's facing you, you can have a little more fun with her. You could use a riding crop on her here," he says, motioning to her thighs, "or you could clamp her nipples. You can tease her all night long if you want to, she's not going anywhere." He's addressing me, but Bella's the one squirming.
"I'm afraid of hurting her," I admit, hoping for some guidance. He's so clearly in control here, and he seems eager to share his expertise. I'm afraid we might not have a chance to ask questions like this again.
"Let me show you," he says, gesturing for me to follow him. Bella lowers her arms, stepping forward with one foot as if to follow us. Carlisle stops and glares at her. She freezes, looking to me with wide, fearful eyes. "Edward?" he prompts me, raising an eyebrow.
I walk back to Bella, stroking her hair and placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Stay here, baby," I whisper, lifting her hands again. This time I cuff her to the cross, tightening the straps so she can't move her hands. She whimpers and spreads her legs, but I decide not to cuff her there just yet. Carlisle reaches for her hand, slipping a finger between her wrist and the strap. I mimic his action on her other side, realizing that he's checking to make sure it isn't too tight.

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Short-n-Sweet Saturday 8/6/11

A little charity contribution by the fabulous mouse555 is today's oneshot rec...ya know the drill...GO. READ. REVIEW!

Reunited by mouse555
Social networking sites are good for getting back in contact with old friends, but what about old flames?


I didn't know what to reply. Should I tell him I was in London too? My finger hovered over the screen for a second before i began tapping out my response.
JazzGooner So, where did you see my doppelganger? I decided to play coy. If only I had looked up when he joined me in the carriage.
ShortnSassy On the tube at Oxford Circus.
JazzGooner Maybe you should have said hi to her. :) Why wasn't I confirming that it was me? Oh yeah... his wife. He'd married not long after he'd finished his degree. I'd seen pictures of them on facebook, and had to admit; he'd aged really well, but couldn't understand why he was with her. Apart from me, girls I had seen him with at school were gorgeous. His wife... well, I felt like the stereotypical bitchy ex for saying it, but she was no oil painting.
ShortnSassy If it had been you I would have. But I would have ended up speaking to some random girl and been late for football
JazzGooner Like you'd miss the Arsenal for anyone or anything HA!
ShortnSassy I would... for a few hours with you. This statement shouldn't have shocked me as much as it did. After all, we'd had Twitter sex through DM's on more than one occasion, but that was pure fantasy, wasn't it? I put my phone away and decided to talk to Vicky about it. She was good with advice like that, plus, she knew Jasper at school too which was always a bonus.

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Worthy WIP Wednesday 8/3/11

Today's WIP rec that is worth following is a heartbreaker...

Lost In the Shadows by lvtwilight09
I used to be a happy person. I used to smile and see the joy in life. Now I force the smiles and fake the laughs. I'm not quite sure how things got like this, and I don't know how to fix it. I just feel so lost... Rated M for DARK THEMES! 


Two days after that train wreck of a conversation, I woke up to the sounds of a soft whimpering and scratching sound. Getting out of bed, I found that as usual Jasper has already left for the day but sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed was a golden retriever puppy in a box with a red satin bow around its neck. Attached to the bow was a note, scrawled in Jasper's messy handwriting that said "Hopefully now that there is another girl in the house you won't feel so lonely." I wasn't sure how to feel about what Jasper wrote on the note, but I fell in love with that puppy all the same, and named her Clara.
Jasper…my husband…I love him, really I do. I just wish he would actually pay attention to me once in a while, make me feel like I'm important to him. He hasn't made me feel like that since before Michael, our middle child was born. Jasper worked for his father's company, Whitlock Pharmaceuticals, or WhitPharm as it was more commonly known within the industry. Jasper used to travel for work a lot, talking at doctors conventions and such trying to get more clients for his father. Most of the time I would travel with him, and we always managed to have fun together even though Jazz was working.
Once I had our first son, Elliott, I started staying home when Jasper would have to travel. We had both agreed it wouldn't be the greatest idea to travel with a baby, but every time Jasper came back home to us was wonderful. He would look at me and Elliott like we were the only two things in his world. He would not only tell me he loved me, but would show me every chance he got, taking me out on romantic dinners, or just bringing flowers home for me at the end of the day. They would always be sunflowers, because I was the sun that lit up Jasper's world. At least that's what he used to tell me…

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The Tomato Soup Awards

Nominations are NOW OPEN.  Tons of categories covering every subject imaginable...have a favorite blowjob, maybe a super hot car sex scene, how about your favorite cherry pop scene?  Just remember...all stories being nominated with the exception of Creme Brulee (best classic fic), Tomato Soup (best overall fic) and noms for videos, banners and blogs CANNOT BE OVER 1000 WORDS.

Also, when you submit your nominations, they will be disqualified if they do not include title, author, link and if applicable, chapter the scene happens in.  Stories must be complete OR have been updated since June 1st (if not a complete story, must have at least 4 chapters posted).


Mentionable Monday 8/1/11 (a day late)

Sorry I didn't get this up was a bit crazy with the opening of nominations for The Tomato Soup Awards (of which I'm one of the validators)!  Anyways, this weeks completed fic recommendation is a sad and sweet story of two boys who find each other young and become best friends first...

Lessons Learned by mistyhaze420
Jasper and Edward become the best of friends through similar tragic events in their lives. Edward, the geeky messed up kid, soon starts getting some lessons from bad boy, Jasper on how to fit in...What will E end up teaching him? E/J Slash AH Mature  Rated M, 53 chapters


He slapped my hands away as I started to undo my jeans and he smirked at me with bloodshot hooded eyes and slurred out, "Uh uh…I wanna unwrap my gift."
God, that fucking accent is so thick when he's drunk…it went straight to my cock…well, everything he did pretty much went straight to my cock. Why does he want to wait? I want to fuck now!
I crawled into bed and he followed. I took in the sight of his perfect hard body, all muscular and sexy and just needing to be licked and worshipped like the fucking Adonis he is…
How the hell did I get so damn lucky? Look at him…he makes my mouth fucking water…
His legs wrapped around mine and I reveled in his muscular thighs and rock hard cock pressed against my stomach. His lips came home quickly and I could taste his sweet honey nectar on my tongue…mixed with something a little stronger.
My skin was tingling from the sensation of his body on mine. This is the way it should always be…me and Jasper…naked…in bed…that's it…nothing else…just me and Jasper naked in bed…
God I'm so damn horny! I need his cock in my mouth now! I need to feel his thick rod down my throat…pushing past my tonsils and the soft blonde curls tickling my nose…I need to hear him crying out my name…I need to feel him cumming deep down my throat as I bring him to the edge of fucking oblivion!
I break from the kiss and manage to breath out, "I need to go back down on you…"
But his grip tightens and he pulls me closer whispering, "But I don't wanna let you go…just touch me, baby…I need to kiss you…"
And his needs outweigh my own because I understand Jasper…sometimes, he really just needs to feel loved…needs the connection of intimacy other than something rough and dirty…he really loves me and I'll give him whatever he needs…I can be rough and dirty in my thoughts…