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Short-n-Sweet Saturday 7/30/11

Hope this finds everyone enjoying their weekend!  For this week's oneshot rec, I just have to bring up the oneshot that was written for my birthday by the lovely Lisa!  It's eerily sensual and will leave you gasping for breath!

Thief of Hearts by HeartOfDarkess
A life changing that he'll never forget. Jasper, a lonely plumber/musician, gets more than he ever bargained for on a call out to an old home. Written for texasbella's birthday. J/B. Rated M for a mmmm..delicious lemon just for Rach.  Rated M


Admiring the seclusion of this place, I absently got out of the truck, shivering against the cold as I rubbed my hands together before I lifted the tarp and retrieved my tool belt, wrapping it around my waist before I pulled out my toolbox and quickly bounded up the path to the porch steps.
I pressed the doorbell with my free hand, and gasped when the beauty before me opened the old timber door, rubbing her hands together as she eyed me up and down.
"Hale Plumbing at your service ma'am," I said with an easy smile, adjusting my tool belt as my dick responded to the sight in front of me. She was dressed warmly, a thick coat and gloves on as well as ski pants, but no amount of clothing could hide this woman's beauty underneath. As I told her who I was, at the same time trying to subtly drink her in, she gave me a relieved smile that lit up her whole face.
"Thank God you're here! I was nearly freezing my ass off!" She opened the door widely to allow me in but as she turned to show me where I needed to be, I stopped in the doorway and my eyes headed south to that ass and all I could think of is how I could warm it up quite nicely.
She turned to look at me as I stood unmoving in the doorway, positively dumbfounded by her beauty. "Hurry up! You're letting more cold air in!" she shouted, her voice breaking through my fantasies. "Can't warm cold," she added in a near whisper.
"Sorry," I muttered as I shook my head to bring me back to my senses, brushed the excess snow off my coat and took a step inside, closing the door behind me. "Been some storm, hasn't it?" I asked, trying to distract myself from the feelings that now shot their way through me, which were making me feel more than warm enough.
"Yes. I hate it...hate the cold...the snow," she complained, her pallid complexion making her look near frostbitten.
Poor girl.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Worthy WIP Wednesday 7/27/11

Anyone needing a little vampire bdsm fix?  This story is just getting off the ground and has me hooked!

The Island by twilight mum69
Riley books a vacation on The Island for himself and fiance Bella , a family owned resort were you can explore your pleasures...and pain. The only catch when you leave , you leave as a changed person...Forever! A Tale of Sand,Sea,Sex and Submission.  Rated M


Carlisle stood raising his hand for silence.
"Tonight is your last night of freedom, tomorrow will be the dawn of a new way of life , enjoy the welcome party being held on the beach for tomorrow the lessons begin" and with that they were gone.
Rules and Code of Conduct .
NO touching between lessons
NO Sexual contact with others between lessons
NO leaving the room AFTER Dark
Subs must lower their eyes immediately as they enter a room
NO speaking in lessons unless given permission
Subs and Doms MUST obey their Masters & Mistresses at ALL times.
Doms MUST treat ALL Subs with respect.
No Dom may touch or come into contact with another's Sub unless otherwise given permission.
ALL safe words, Hard & Soft limits to be discussed with your Master/Mistress.
ALL classes must be attended
Only the attire chosen by the Master/Mistress may be worn.
NEVER touch your Master/Mistress without permission.
When allocated ALL collars must me worn at ALL times.
Punishments for breaking any of the above rules will be decided by your Master /Mistress PERSONALY!


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Mentionable Monday 7/25/11

Here's a little naughty fun for my darlin's for this week's completed rec...

Naughty Secrets by A Little Distracted
Bella is a school librarian leading a naughty secret life. Edward is a history teacher with a naughty obsession. If he could only see what is right in front of his face... AU/AH - Rated M for Hot LEMONS! Each chapter alternates POV's  Rated M, 23 chapters


Music started to play a little louder. Miss Izzy walked back to the door and brought in a folding chair and a briefcase that she placed in the center of the platform. She took a book out the briefcase and opened it to a page that was marked with a red ribbon.
"I love to read." She said as she walked around the room with her book in her hand. "How many of you like to read?" I heard various people agree. "I like to read dirty things… erotic things… I read them when I am at work. I read them when I am on the bus. I read them in a crowded restaurant. No one knows the dirty things that are going on in my mind. No one notices how hard my nipples are…" She ran her hand down the front of her shirt, across her left breast, closed her eyes and moaned. She took a seat in the chair and said, "No one knows just how wet I am." She spread her legs and let her hand slide from her knee up between her legs. When her hand reached it's destination she threw her head back and moaned again.
I sat back on the loveseat, intrigued by what I was seeing. Sure it seemed a little corny but she was hot and I had spent the last three hours with a semi from watching the dancers. I could enjoy it a little longer.
She started reading from the book. I have to admit, the things she was reading were really hot. I was definitely going to have to invest in some erotica. This shit was better than playboy and less obvious than porn. I could see her point. I could read this anywhere and no one would know… What? I am a guy! Of course people would know! I can't very well sit in a restaurant while reading a book like that. I would be sporting major wood! People would think I was some pervert.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worth WIP Wednesday 7/20/11

So, are you in the mood for hardass Edward that will steal your heart when you discover just how broken he is? If you haven't started this one yet all I can say is GO NOW.  READ. REVIEW.  You won't be disappointed (though you may need to change your panties a few times!)

Breach by Catastrophia
Weber & Weber has a strict non fraternization policy and what they don't know won't hurt them. But what happens when two broken people can't deny the pull? Will it heal them, or be their destruction? Rated M for some hard Lemons and language. AU/A  Rated M


Hands. They were punishing, as he grabbed my waist, pulling me to him hard as he thrust in equally as hard. The rhythm was also punishing; hard and fast. I would have bruises in the morning from where his hands and teeth found purchase, but I didn't mind. I never minded. They were proof, a reminder of his need, his pleasure. A pleasure only I could give him.
Most women didn't like his abrasive ways. I embraced them, craved them.
He had a pianist's hands; long slender fingers that he loved to play me with. There was no one who played me better than him. He liked to torture me with them as well as his words, pictures he sent, and, most importantly, his body.
His body was sin, his cock was sin, and I was a sinner.
The pace was always hard, punishing, and greedy. He needed it that way, and I needed him like that. I needed him to dominate, control, and use me just as I used him.
There was no spanking, no toys; this was not S&M. This was fucking and he was the best fucker. No other could get me going as quickly as he. A simple touch, a grab, and he knew it. He used it.
Every day he took from my body, my heart, my soul. Every day he gave himself to me the only way he truly knew how; with bruising hands, passionate kisses, and hard thrusts.
His lips sucked at my neck; another mark. Of course I had to hide them at work, his marks. We had to hide everything. The cave man side of him wanted them displayed for all to see, especially the ones his teeth made on my shoulders and neck. Marks for all to know that I was his and I was. Marks to keep suitors at bay.
I marked him as well. Some of mine were visible, unable to be reached by the collar of his dress shirt. It didn't really help to keep his admirers at bay, but it did let them know he was finding pleasure in someone and it wasn't them. It was me.
But we couldn't say. Silenced by the rules. Rules that we broke every day. Hollywood had nothing on us. Awards could be given for the lies we told and the feelings we hid under a mask of hate and indifference.

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Mentionable Monday 7/18/11

How is everybody this morning?  Started posting When In Romania yesterday!  But I'm here today for our weekly completed fic rec!  This smutastic diddy came about out of the need to vent some anger out of her personal life.  As much as I hate my friend having to have a bad day, if THIS is what comes of it, might have to poke at her some more!  GO. READ. REVIEW!!!!

Anger Management by theonlykyla
I'm pissed off...My anger is at all time high. The best way to relieve that frustration and stress is using my willing new assistant for some release. She prances around in those see through blouses and tight skirts. *Strong Sexual content & Domination*  Rated M, 20 chapters

Teaser (and this is the opening of the story):

"Ms. Swan, get your note pad and get in here," I screeched at her through the intercom. Fuck, she was walking around in that tight ass fucking pencil skirt with no panty lines. She better be bare under that skirt because my dick is rock hard.
"Are you okay, Edward," she says as she walks into my office locking the door behind her. This was normal, as she knew that I hated to be interrupted when I called her in for assistance.
"No, I'm not okay. We're doing things different today. Get over here and stand in front of my chair with your back to me."
My eyes followed her ever move as she did as I instructed. I'd been fucking around with her for weeks, leading her on, leaving her panting...never letting her get close enough to know how badly I just wanted to fuck her brains out.
She knew about Jasper. She knew I had a boyfriend. But I could see how much she wanted me and fuck, I wanted her too.
"Lift your skirt, Isabella." I said, stoically.
"Wha...what?" She mumbled out but started lifting her skirt.
She stopped about mid-thigh. That wasn't what I wanted. I had to see that luscious ass, bare and in my face. "Nuh-uh, Isabella, all the fucking way up." I demanded.
"But," she whispered over her shoulder, "I'm nude underneath."
"Lift it now, Isabella." Fuck, this is what I had been counting on. She slowly pulled her skirt up over her little hips with that glorious pale, tight ass on display.
I gasped as I slid my hands around her cheeks and down the inside of her thighs. She was so wet, she was dripping down her thighs. Perfect, she's ready for me.
"Isabella," I said in her ear as I had risen to stand behind her, "I've been waiting for the opportunity to fuck you senseless and it appears you are ready for that to happen."
She let out a sharp breath and I could see the tell-tale blush taking over her cheeks and neck.
"You wanted me to fuck you, didn't you, Isabella?"
"Yes." She softly replied.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short-n-Sweet Saturday 7-16-11

How about a little kink to get your Saturday started off right?  Isabella's been naughty...
Go give it a look and leave her some love!!

Secrets & Consequences by one of eddie's girls
After getting caught disobeying her Master, Bella must suffer the consequences of her actions. Rated M for adult content and BDSM material. My entry for the Edwardgetsfic'd contest.  Rated M

He slid the frame underneath her, quickly restraining her wrists and ankles. Lubricant was unnecessary due to how wet she was, so pushing the dildo about half way into her was easily accomplished. Starting with the slowest setting, he let the machine work Isabella for a while. After a few minutes of letting the machine push her to the brink of insanity, Edward aimed the riding crop to smack her in the center of her sweet round ass. He saw her struggle to remain quiet, in the way her hands jerked against the restraints keeping her attached to the machine. He continued to play with her for another ten minutes before he stopped the machine all together. Going around her waist, he pinched her clit between this index and middle fingers, feeling satisfied when she lost her composure and whimpered. "Now, Isabella would you like to cum?" he chuckled when he heard her whimpered moan once again. "Who does this pussy belong to?" he growled at her.

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Uninhibited Wallflower

So, the oneshot debuted today on Dirty Cheeky Monkeys and on my profile.  Can I just say that I am totally blown away by the response?  Between the two sites, I've gotten almost 70 reviews in one day.  Amazing.  THANK YOU!!!

Worthy WIP Wednesday 7/13/11

So for today's WIP rec, I'm suggesting a new story.  I'm one of the beta's on this one, so I know she's got a stockpile of chapters and her plan is to post every Monday.  The chapters are short and quick, but packed with stubborness, laughs, sexy times...and oh yeah, there's a mafia plot in there!  Check it out and show my darlin' some love!

Until I Saw You by reyes139
Ever have one of those days where everything you knew and believed in is changed and your world is flipped.When the one you've waited for but never expected appears and brings you to your knees...rated M strong language and lemons.  Rated M


I tense my body to stand when out of the corner of my eyes I see a goddess appear. She's wearing small cut off shorts with a blue tank top and black chucks. She is sitting with her friends at a table at the other end of the patio. Her legs seem to go on for days, so sexy and when she bent down to pick up a piece of paper she dropped, I was stupefied.
God what a sweet ass!...Ughh! I just wanted to drop to my knees and worship those luscious cheeks .I wanted to bite, lick and smack that ass before I plowed into her from behind. I would love to watch those cheeks jiggle with the force of each thrust... shit where did that come from?
I swear I heard angels sing, and the sky parted and a beam of light hit her when she got up and flipped her luscious hair, swinging it over her left shoulder exposing a tattoo of a lotus flower and Chinese symbols I couldn't make out but vowed that I would. I had yet to see her face and when she finally turned and sat down, she looked up and we locked eyes. The world stopped, she was so beautiful. She had a heart shaped face and almond colored eyes that spoke to my soul...
Really spoke to my soul where's your man card...My inner beast sneered.
Then I looked at her lips and even he whimpered a bit. God those lips …so juicy, plump and oh so bitable. I can see them wrapped around my cock sucking the life out of me while she looks up with those hypnotizing eyes. My cock began fighting with my zipper ...Let me out Let me out ... now he was screaming at me ..He wants to stake a claim on the love of his life. I could only sigh at my inner beast and the fact that he was already claiming her in front of everyone and yelling "MINE!" I had to adjust myself to relieve some of the tension before I listened to the beast.
Shit I'm not opposed to that at all, my cock screamed at me.
What is she doing to me? I haven't even heard her speak or touched her and I already want to claim her as my own. It's like my heart and cock know she should be mine.
I've never reacted to a woman this way before. In fact women usually fall at my feet and beg for my attention, but shit, I just can't stop staring, THIS GODDESS has me and she doesn't even know it.

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Shimmer Awards voting link NOW WORKING!

Please take a moment to go vote.  TSID is up for the Heatwave Award, as well as my banner maker, Stephanie--the banners she did for TSID and AT are nominated...and my favorite reviewer, reyes139 is nominated as well!!

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Mentionable Monday 7/11/11

Okay my lovelies, this week's completed fic recommendation is a little different.  It's from the Harry Potter fanfic world in honor of the final movie opening this Friday!  This one is 87 chapters of just...WOW.  This was my second bdsm fic after MOTU and it is'll never see Snape and Hermione in the same light again.

For the Potion Master's Amusement by snape.submiss
Now Complete! Severus Snape is not a kind man, but Hermione Granger is past caring. She wants his approval and will do anything to get it. How far will she go? Even she has no concept of the depths to which she will fall in her quest.  Rated M

She sat down, and he sat across from her. Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat, wishing suddenly that her meeting with Professor Snape were over—had never begun—that she had never begun her more intimate association with him. It seemed she had never experienced one moment of peace since it had begun, except for those moments when he had held her, after making her come in a screaming loss of all dignity. She averted her face from his and fidgeted with the hem of her jumper.
'I would like to speak with you regarding the nature of our most recent private interactions,' Professor Snape said, and Hermione jerked her head up to look at him, her heartbeat accelerating.
'All right,' she said.
'I would like to make one thing clear from the very beginning: Your desires are natural ones, Hermione, and are perfectly normal for you,' he began. 'You are not the only person in the world to harbour such desires, and there is nothing either sick or wrong about them. They may be different from the intimate desires of other people you know, but that does not make them immoral or unnatural.'
Hermione felt her face flush as his frank acknowledgement of her desires; certainly, no one knew more about those desires than he did, but it was both thrilling and embarrassing to have him speak of those dark desires so matter-of-factly.
'Allow me to draw a parallel between your desires and your intelligence,' he continued. 'Is your intelligence in the normal range, Hermione?'
'No,' she answered promptly.
'Of course it isn't,' he agreed. 'Your intelligence is remarkable, well above that of your peers. Would you consider restricting yourself intellectually or academically to hold yourself down to the level of expectations or standards of other people?'
'No!' she blurted indignantly, and a slight smile touched his face. She gave him an answering smile, feeling a bit sheepish. He certainly knew how to push her buttons.
'Then do not let the notions with which you were raised restrict your expectations of what you ought to seek out in t he way of sexual or emotional satisfaction. It is just possible that what you want and need in that arena is completely beyond the ken of the people you have known thus far in your life.'

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Short-n-Sweet Saturday 7-9-11

This week's oneshot recommendation is....

Dealing With The Pressure by Layne Faire

Walking across the room, I dragged my faded black Nine Inch Nails t-shirt over my head, before tugging at the waist of my jeans, the well-worn buttonholes easily giving way. Reaching the bathroom, I shoved the faded denim down and stepped out of them, my rigid cock springing free to bob up against my tensed abdomen. Moisture had already begun to accumulate on the reddened tip. Palming the head to gather it on my hand, I pushed the door almost closed, before stepping over to the window that looked out over the backyard…and the pool. The track changed on my iPod, "In Your Room" by Depeche Mode filling the air. While my hand languidly stroked down the pulsing shaft, my eyes sought out the object of my obsession. Focusing on only him, I watched him walk the edge of the pool, his wide shoulders tapering down to narrow hips. His shorts had slid down from the weight of the water, the dimples at the top of his ass begging for my tongue to dip into the divots.

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Worthy WIP Wednesday 7/6/11

Sorry for being a day late on this...was thrown off by the holiday...LOL!

Bad Boy Cullen by HeartOfDarkess
Bella was a bitch and also a successful journalist. She craved to meet a bad boy. Enter Edward Cullen, a mysterious, charismatic loner...a bad boy with a traumatic past. Nom'd and made 2nd round for Inspired Fan Fic Awards for Best Edward.

Teaser for BBC:

Who the hell was this guy anyway? My rescuer? My torturer? My...downfall? I couldn't explain the feelings that were invading me. No words that came to mind could aptly describe them. He was without doubt the most gorgeous guy I'd ever laid eyes on, even with that ridiculous spray on tan. Who the hell was he trying to fool with that anyway? He was dressed like a Hollywood movie star in that leather jacket, and I'd managed on more than one occasion to check out how his ass filled his jeans. And those eyes...well they were just the most startling green eyes I'd ever seen. Still, the feelings that were going through me now...well they were just too hot to handle.
"You don't need to hold my hand you know," I said as he shut the door and slid in closer. I felt my brow crinkle as I tried to make this guy out. What the fuck was his deal anyway, and why did I feel such a strong sense of déjà vu? I must have been drunker than I thought...
"Would you please stop looking at me like you think I'm a lunatic?" he asked, shifting in his seat, my gawking evidently making him feel uncomfortable. "I was only trying to help..."
"I didn't need your help. I had the situation under control until you decided to go all caveman and step in," I retorted.
"Sure you did," he said sarcastically. "And I don't apologise for going 'caveman'," he added, using his fingers to make air quotations. "That asshole deserved far more than a broken nose. How the hell could you associate with someone like that?"
"Guess I've got a way of attracting the biggest bastard in the room wherever I in point," I said smarmily as I gestured my hand towards him.
"Oh you think I'm a bastard?" he questioned, pointing to his chest with his thumb. "Compared to that guy, I'm a fucking saint!" Even in the darkness of the cab I could see that his face was reddening. Whether it was with anger or embarrassment, I couldn't tell, but I'd wager it was a little bit of both.
"If you're a saint, then I'm a goddamned angel!" I snapped. He laughed darkly, shaking his head, but then his expression was one of curiosity.
"So, I gather this asshat was an ex-boyfriend then?" he queried, his laughter abating as he suddenly stared at me with a look of such disapproval that I wanted to slap his face.
"What's it to you?" I huffed, frowning further.

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Mentionable Monday 7/4/11

Happy 4th of July!!  For this week's MM, I think we need something the slashy HOT kind of way!

The Story of E by PandoraGalacia
A continuation of Photoplay-Alternate Ending-Slash Only. Jasper and Edward's relationship continues and Edward finds himself reacting to Jasper's dominant personality in ways he never imagined. Mature audiences only 18 and older .  Rated M, 19 chapters

Here's the precurser to the main story: Rated M, 5 chapters

Teaser from TSoE:
I closed the door behind her and turned to Jasper.
"Oh, fuck," I whispered.
He was standing beside the couch and peeling his shirt off over his head. I could see the edge of his snake tattoo and his pierced nipples, which were hard little peaks already. He threw his shirt on the floor and came toward me.
"Edward. Don't look so scared," he whispered.
"I'm not fucking scared," I murmured, backing up against the door. "I just don't know what you're gonna do."
Jasper chuckled.
"Do you want more coffee?" I asked, attempting to distract him.
He was standing right in front of me and I could feel his body's energy.
"No, Edward. I don't want any more coffee," he said slowly, grabbing the hem of my shirt. "Arms up, please."
Why was I so nervous? "Here, I'll get it." I went to take the shirt in my own hands but he stopped me.
"Uh uh. I said, arms up, Edward." He spoke as I were a misbehaving child, and, suddenly, I felt like one. "Listen, Edward. Looking at all those pictures made my dick so hard it's gonna rip through these jeans in a second. Now, you can tell me to fuck off, or you can do what I tell you to do."
I stared at him. My cock was pointing at him like a divining rod. He still had that confident smirk on his face and part of me did want to tell him to fuck off. But the most painful part of me was begging me to just do as I was told.
I raised my arms up and Jasper pulled the t-shirt up over my head. Suddenly, he spun me around, using the t-shirt to restrain my arms, and pressed his body against mine, shoving me against the door. I didn't have time to say anything before his hands started unbuttoning the rest of my flies and he was pushing my jeans down.
Jesus H. Christ.
His boldness knew no bounds. And, apparently, my body didn't care because it wasn't protesting in the least at this rough treatment.
"Oh, fuck yeah …" His voice was in my ear and his hand was gripping my cock through my boxer briefs. "You liked the pictures too, didn't you, Edward?"
I didn't respond right away. My brain was spinning and my body was responding favorably to his aggressive maneuvers.
"Answer me."
He chuckled. "You like this, don't you, Edward?" he murmured, his breath at my ear sending shivers through my traitorous form. He pushed my briefs down and wrapped his hand around my cock.
I groaned. "Yes … Jasper … fuck!"

Happy 4th and Happy Reading!

Congratulations and Thank you!

Irene Pitchford made a generous donation that made her the winning bidder of the Junkin' for Joplin Auction that happened over the weekend.  She chose to have me do an original oneshot for her and has given permission for me to post it as soon as it's done.  Isn't that sweet of her...she could have chosen to keep it all to herself and ya'll never would had a peek at my version of vampire Edward!  Anyhoo....I've got a plan, I've done some research and "When In Romania..." is underway!

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User Error

Okay, apparantly I didn't realize what day it was yesterday when I created the S-n-S, it'll be Short-n-Sweet SATURDAYs instead of Sundays!  LOL

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Short-n-Sweet Sunday 7/2/11

So, I decided that in addition to Mentionable Monday (completed fic rec's) and Worthy WIP Wednesday (obviously WIP fic rec's), I also want to do a Short-n-Sweet Sunday to show the oneshots out there some love!
Todays S-n-S is:

Silent Admissions by bnjwl
Edward meets Bella on the streets and tries to use his cocky attitude to pick her up. She silently shuts him down and gets away with her deception till they meet up weeks later. Will he be angry at her? Can they handle the secret she will admit to?  Rated M, wordcount 7618


I turned the corner and slammed into a large brick wall. "Woah, babe, sorry about that. Did I hurt anything?" His hands slid up and down my arms, lingering along the section that would put him the closest proximity to my breasts…my breasts on display in the too small shirt that Alice loaned me. "Because I certainly don't want to harm a hair on your pretty little head. What's your name, sweetheart?"
I stood there stunned. He had the audacity to talk to me that way while his buddies stood back and laughed at me. His beautiful face and sexy, just rolled out of bed, hair was enough to make me want to throw myself down and let him have his way with me. But I could see in his eyes that he got that same reaction from lots and lots of women. He got it enough that he was too self assured, too cocky. He expected me to drop onto my knees and suck his cock right there on the street corner and that just was not going to happen. No matter how good looking he was. In fact, all I wanted to do right now was put him in his place, once and for all. I knew that if I kicked him in the balls then he would only feel that for a short time and he would just place blame on me. I wanted something that would humiliate him for the rest of his life, so I pulled out the small amount of sign language that I remembered and began to sign to him. His mouth dropped open and he stepped back. I no longer felt his hands on my arms or ghosting across the swell of my breasts either so it must have worked.
He began to stammer and stumble over his words. "I'm…I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, are you hurt?" I began to sign again, he had no idea that I was saying that I liked spaghetti for dinner. I signed something else…'my mother has a beautiful face.' He just kept stammering and trying to speak. Finally I motioned to my ears and made gestures that let him know that I couldn't hear. He reached into his expensive suit and grabbed a pen and note pad. He wrote 'I'm sorry' and handed the note to me. I wrote 'Okay' and handed it back to him.
As I walked off with Rose in tow, thankfully she stayed silent the whole time, I heard his buddies laughing their asses off at him. They mocked him for trying to use his charm on a woman who couldn't even hear his best asset. I snickered but held it deep inside; too close to him and he could still possibly hear me, discovering my deception.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Shimmer Awards: Voting opens July 08th

Wanted to let ya'll know that voting will open for this quarters Shimmer Awards next Friday, July 8th.  I've been nominated for the Heatwave Award aka Best Lemon.  Lvtwilight09 has also been nominated for the banners she made for To Serve Is Divine and Alternative Therapy.  Lastly, but not leastly (hehe)....reyes139 is up for best reviewer because seriously, this girl does not skip a single chapter and she doesn't hold back her enthusiasm for a chapter or hesitate to say WTF?! if something doesn't sit right...but she always does it with love!

Junkin' for Joplin Auction... happening RIGHT NOW on Facebook, via the group FFA Fundraisers.  Ask to join group and get in to see all the awesome things up for auction and START BIDDING!!  Proceeds will go to the victims of the Joplin tornado via the Salvation Army.  I personally have an outtake from TSID OR a stand alone oneshot up for bid.  Minimum 8k words, any character combination, any rating, any prompt.  Why are you still here? GO! BID!!!