Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A couple of things...

Hey darlin's... first off, I got notification today that my recent one shot, Slots, was pulled... whether I was reported or it was just FF police doing their thing, I can't be sure... so I am in the process of uploading all my stories to TWCS under penname texasbella.  Haven't decided if I'll keep the account open once everything is set or not.  Good news about TWCS, I can include pics!  I'm starting with my one shots, then will do full fics and will tackle drabbles last... as I've got over 20 stories on FF, it'll take me a few days. ***NOTE: You do have to register on TWCS in order to read as they have an age restriction***

Secondly... THANK YA'LL again!!  Found out this morning that I got a couple of Eclipse Awards! And they're too pretty not to share:


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