Saturday, February 25, 2012

Short-n-Sweet Saturday

Well, this one is definitely short and so NOT sweet...because it's NAUGHTY...oh gawd is it naughty and I LOVE IT!!!

This week's "one shot" rec comes to you from kitkat681's compilation of birthday one shots under the heading of "You Say It's Your Birthday."  They are, of course, all fantastic...but I'm specifically recommending the latest addition, chapter 11 as it was written for yours truly :)

Thank you so much KK!!

You Say It’s Your Birthday
SUMMARY: Happy birthday to it your birthday? Check here to see if Kitkat got you something for your special day...constantly updated to show my love...all pairings/canon/non-canon/slash/fem-slash/EVERYTHING!
They were standing around my living room in all different states of undress. Rose and Alice were both wearing delicate lingerie, since they liked to have it ripped off of them. Esme was nude, gloriously bare for all to see. Jasper and Emmett had on low-slung sweats, and nothing else. And our two newest members were still dressed in their street clothes, although I could see from the bulge pushing against the front of his jeans, and the way her little nipples poked through her dress, they were far from immune to the visual stimulation in front of them.
"So, are we ready to get started?" I asked, slowly unbuttoning my dress shirt and tossing it onto the chair behind me. Emmett stuffed his hand down the front of his sweats when I moved to the zipper of my pants. He was always so eager.
"I think instead of our usual warm-up, we should take the time to make our newcomers feel welcome," I suggested, and the enthusiastic nods from everyone made me laugh. "Excellent! Boys, we're going to make Edward feel at home, while the ladies take care of Bella."
Both Edward and Bella looked shocked, but I had told then about our arrangement. If they wanted to play, they followed my instructions implicitly. If they wanted to leave, they could.
But until they walked out that door...they were mine.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Worthy Wednesday

Have a special recommendation for ya'll today!  I beta this one and have been hooked since the very first "outline" was sent to me by HeartOfDarkess.  The chapters are elegantly written, transporting you deep within the story in no time, and will definitely leave you craving more.  Please set aside some time to go get caught up and be sure to leave her some love...she's pouring her heart into this story and your love will help refill it to keep her going...

Summary:  Edward, a nomad killer vampire, alone for more than three centuries, comes upon his next prey in the form of talk back radio psychologist and dabbler in the dark side of human nature, Bella Swan. Darkward, kinky Bella. Rated M for violence/lemons.

Teaser:  "Edward, I've waited so long…"I whispered with a smile as I made my way over to the table he had been laying on, at my mercy, only moments before. My eyes widened as they took in the copious amounts of the thick, transparent fluid that had been expelled from his cock and mouth, which was now spread all over the black leather surface, its smell divine, its consistency as heavy as oil. Thoughts of him letting go as I brandished my whip and flicked it across his delightfully firm flesh invaded my every thought and unable to stop myself, I reached down and dipped the pad of my index finger into what he had left behind. As I did, I felt a warm, tingling sensation as his essence met with my skin.

"Well, well, my pet, you are full of so many surprises," I said excitedly as I rubbed his ejaculate between my thumb and forefinger, the feel of it unlike anything I'd ever known, the warmth spreading down my fingertips and through to my bones.

"Oh," I exclaimed breathlessly, the urge to bathe in him taking over, and without thought as to the consequences, I ran my fingertips over the top of my breasts, and dipped them beneath the line of my corset, moaning at the overwhelming sensation as I brushed the fluid over my already hardened nipples.

I had been craving release even before our scene had begun, and knew that with Edward's concern about harming me, he was not quite ready to give me what I most needed. Of course, I knew what I had to do…confess more about who I was and convince him otherwise. I moaned as I dipped my finger into the fluid once more and brought my hand to my face, first inhaling the sweetness of his unique aroma before hungrily wrapping my mouth around my digit.

My eyes rolled in the back of my head as the heat radiated around my lips and his flavour burst on my tongue, the sensations sending my tastebuds into overdrive, causing my mouth to water.

"Mmmm," I moaned as I sucked and licked my fingers, swallowing him down like a starved animal until nothing remained. Craving his fluids like some sort of maddened addict, in that moment I wanted nothing more than to strip bare and rub his leavings all over my body. I quickly divested myself of my panties and dropped them to the floor, placed one hand on the edge of the table and opened my stance, licking my lips as I ran my free hand through the fluid and brought my fingers to my already dripping folds. I hissed as the heat of him came into contact with my sensitive skin, the sensations that were now coursing through me teetering deliciously between pain and pleasure, the feeling unlike anything I could even imagine as I spread the fluid all over my needy flesh.

"Fuck," I whispered. My body immediately craving more, I climbed onto the table and sat my ass directly on where he had erupted most, the sudden surge of heat causing my pussy to throb with need, the delicious sting as it made contact with its softness a reminder of what he truly was.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Short-n-Sweet Sunday

Good Morning Darlin' shot recs should get posted on Saturdays, but seeing as I was out on a mini-vacay yesterday, you're getting this week's today instead.

Not sure if this one has a banner, but, it's Clamps, Plugs and Spreader Bars by fallanydeeper.  This one will definitely give you a quick jump start into some lemony times...whether it's with your toy box or your partner.  Enjoy!

Summary:  Take a journey with Rose and Emmett as they invite a novice submissive into their playroom for one night. Rated for language and lemons.

Teaser:  As soon as Rose walked into the house when she had finished up at the garage, her skin smelling faintly of oil and metal, she knew what was on the agenda for tonight. She knew by the way I had positioned myself on the couch, the straight upper back, my left ankle resting on my knee, one arm slung on the arm of the couch and the other planted on the sofa cushions beside my thigh, my eyes were hard as steel and my mouth set to a thin, determined line.
Of course, our mystery guest, kneeling naked at my feet, her head bowed in a sign of submission and her mousy hair falling in curls over her shoulders; a thick, heavy collar clasped around her neck with a leash attached to the ring, the end of the length of leather being gripped in my palm, would probably have clued Rose in quicker than my appearance.
I stood up, dropped the end of the leash and walked toward Rose, who was impressively standing in the centre of the living room with her feet shoulder width apart, her hands clasped behind her back and her head lowered slightly. The respect she showed me in this stance had my cock hardening for her. She pleased me greatly with how she responded so quickly to me. Without even having to command her, she knew how to stand, how to behave, how to submit. I looked over my shoulder, ensuring that our pet for the evening hadn't moved from her position by the couch. I knew that her knees would be hurting by now, her muscles tense and burning with the strain of holding still.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Howdy!  Hope everyone had a happy valentine's day...

Since I did a WIP for Monday, I'm going to do a completed rec for today...just shaking things up this week!
This one comes to you from my AWESOME, FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, SWEET and LOVABLE webmaster, JA Mash. I probably won't get this post right...again...and she'll have to come in and make it all "prettyful" for me.

In case you didn't follow along with the Drabble Wars for this month, I want to bring your attention to her entry, Without A Hitch.  It's a delightfully refreshing take on an Edward and Bella tale.  You will laugh, you will want to smack them both, and you will have your heart thumping by the end.

Summary:  When she tries to help a friend, Bella finds herself as an unofficial advice guru, with Edward as her latest project. Things get complicated when she falls for him instead. Romance/Humor Rated M

Teaser:  The plan they come up with isn't foolproof, but Bella thinks it is pretty close.

If Edward just follows the outline they made and if he applies a liberal amount of charm, he should be fine.

He insists he needs Bella there, though, so she finds herself in the library after work, wandering through the stacks in search of her advisee.

She's not sure if she's supposed to be Edward's moral support or emergency rescue or icebreaker, but whatever. She kind of wants to see the whole plan in action, anyway, because she has a feeling Edward might go off-script without warning, and that could cause trouble.

He may need Bella to do those air traffic control signals in the background to avoid completely embarrassing himself.

That possibility only looks more likely when Bella finds Edward, at a circular table near the front desk, and sees what he's doing.

Edward looks up from his book with a smile when Bella sits down across from him. "Hey."

"Hi," she says. "What're you reading?"

Edward glances down like he's surprised to find out there's a magazine in front of him. "Oh, I don't really know. It was on the table when I got here. I was just pretending to be reading while I was watching for Angela."

"Good plan," Bella says, taking the magazine quickly. "Except you should probably read the cover first." She shows Edward where it says 'Blow His Mind and More!: Fifty Ways to Wow Your Man in Bed' in big bold hot pink letters.

"Oh," Edward says, blushing.

"Yeah," she laughs. "Probably not the best signal to be sending when you're asking a girl for a date."

So...why are you still here?  Go...Read...Leave her some LOVE!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mentionable Monday

Sooo... my Monday rec spots are usually reserved for completed fics.  However, today, I'm going to rec a new story.  Only 4 chapters are up so far (5 will be up soon), but she has a lot of it pre-written and I'm her beta on it.  This one will come with KINK warnings as it will go to some pretty dark places before it is over.  But, we all like a bit of dark kink, don't we?

Summary:  Edward and Bella, kidnapped and forced to play out a sick man's fantasy where every decision has a consequence. Will Edward and Bella be able to admit their love after the trials they endure? ExB AxJ. Language, lemons, sexual violence, unconventional.

Teaser:  My hands slid up her thighs, lifting the skirt, moving it around her waist.

I groaned when I saw her underwear. She wiggled her little ass for me as I pulled them down around her ankles. She glanced back at me as she stepped out of them.
The look on her face screamed 'take me now'.
I obliged and felt myself glide into her. I watched as my purple dick slid into her wet pink pussy, inch by inch.
"Bella, you feel so wet," I moaned softly, thrusting into her harder.
She reached her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit.
"Yeah, baby, that's it," I moaned. I felt her juices gathering at the base of my cock.

And to further demonstrate Nocturnal's creative capabilities...sit back and enjoy (in private) this little video she put together:

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Contest opens today!

Happy Friday ya'll!  A couple of things...

First, the February Drabble Wars have commenced (although fanfiction is currently acting up and no one can post or review)...just be aware that there are 8 fabulous drabbles to be posted once FF is running again!  Check out the Drabble War Forum on FB or go to  to find banners, summaries and links to this month's "war."

Second, SoapyMayhem's "Tales from the Void" anonymous one shot contest opens today for submissions.  You may send in your entries through March 31st.  I've signed on to be a judge in this and am looking forward to seeing how far "out there" you can take these characters!

Check out the blog for the rules and links to fanfiction and twitter~

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WIP Worthy Wednesday 2/8/12 and Fandom Charity announcement

 Now that the blog is looking beyond respectable, I'm going to try to resume my weekly recs.  :)  But I also want to remind you that time is almost up to donate a minimum of $5 to fandom4heroes in order to get your PDF compilation of original one shots and outtakes from some of your favorite authors.
to donate.
I have donated an original one shot titled, Aim High.

Summary: Jasper Whitlock is a true American wanting nothing more than to serve his country to the best of his ability by becoming a fighter pilot in the USAF.  On the eve of his first assignment, he meets the woman that will haunt his dreams and change his life.
Teaser:  Just the image was making me stiff so I took another swig of Jeremiah Weed, gave a silent nod to the Air Force pilots that had gone before me and then returned to my perusal. I lingered on her supple chest, appreciating the ample swell of her bosom before letting my eyes continue their tour of her body, lest I zone out on another fantasy again.  Her stomach was flat and she had a narrow waist that flared out into her hips...hips I could imagine holding onto to, gripping tightly as I took her from behind allowing me to watch my dick disappear over and over again in her tight heat.
Jesus Whitlock, get a grip! I hadn't even spoken to her, didn't even know her name, and I was having visceral reactions to her.  There was no question she was the one.  The one I would be seducing.
If only I'd known how wrong I was.  That I was the one who would be seduced and left haunted by her memory for the rest of my days.

Please go make a's for an amazing cause.


Today's Work In Progress that is definitely worth your time to follow is The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease.

Summary:  There is danger in pursuing what your heart desires. A seductive and mysterious stranger leads Bella into a path of unsettling self-discovery. How much can she sacrifice to find out what she wants, what she needs? AH Darkward BxE Sexual themes.

Teaser:  "Actually, I do," he said, taking a sip from the water goblet in front of him. "It's so organic and sensual; I think I have just the spot." His whiskey-colored hair was loose and messy, and with the fitted shirts he wore, he looked lean and striking.
"Really?" she asked, picking at a bread stick. "Where, the bedroom?"
"No," he drawled, looking down for a moment. His eyes met hers while a small, secret smile crossed his face. He shifted forward. "Actually, it's a play room."
Bella's heart began to beat faster. She'd never asked him about what Lauren had told her, although her curiosity had plagued her. She'd even looked up the Wiki articles on BDSM. She would never bring it up, but now that he had, her blood began to race.
"Play room?" she asked innocently.

His eyes said he wasn't fooled by her show of naiveté, but he answered anyway. "I am a dominant. It's a place set up to facilitate play with my submissives."
Bella could feel the blood rising to her face. Mentally, she rolled her eyes at herself. She always pictured herself as this very urbane, worldly woman, yet a simple conversation about bondage was making her blush. "I'd heard something about that," she admitted, twisting the stem of her water goblet in her fingers.
"And?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.

She inhaled, shrugging her shoulders and trying to be nonchalant. "I have to admit to some curiosity."

"What would you like to know?" He was leaning forward, speaking softly against the hum of the restaurant.
"Um, I don't know," she said. "I guess, why?"
A smile spread across his face. "Well, that's the sixty-four thousand dollar question, isn't it? And everyone in the scene that you talk to has a different answer. Despite the popular view, most of us were not abused or traumatized as children." He paused, obviously thinking. "It's an exploration of oneself, about limits, about power. And about sex, obviously."
"I just don't think I could get dressed all up in boots and bustiers. I'd probably start laughing," she admitted, chuckling uncomfortably.
"Oh, I don't see you as a dominant at all," Edward said, obviously appraising her.
"No?" Bella asked, not sure if she was being somehow insulted. Bella liked control; she ran her own gallery and did it well. She ran her home with the same precision. Most of her girlfriends were envious of her; she always seemed to have it all together.
"No," Edward answered softly. "I see how controlled you are, how on top of everything. I see you needing a place to let it go, a place where you are allowed to not be the boss."

And that happens in the first chapter!  This is her first story on fanfiction, and I have loved every chapter she has posted thus far.  Please go give it a try and be sure to leave her some love!

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New Year...New Name...New Look

Howdy my darlin's!!  Lots going on!  First, THANK YOU to JA Mash for all the hard work you're putting into overhauling this measly blog o' mine!

When she gets it all finished...there will be banners for all of my works along with a link to the FF document and if it's a completed project, there will also be a link to download the PDF version if you'd like!

She has also made me all kinds of "matching" the purple and gold theme will carry over to my FF profile as well as my profile on Facebook...which is now under Bella Carroll thanks to them policing the "fake" names.  My group is still TexasBella's Darlin's however.

Grab my button.  Check out the mixpod...If I've referenced a song in a project, then the song is included on the playlist!  Come play in the Drabble War Forum if you like drabbles.  If you're in the mood for some silly slash...I've got a new collab with True English Rose called Boys and Their Toys...we are seriously questioning our sanity in the writing of this tale!

New projects are in the works.  And I'm getting ever closer to resurrecting Uninhibited Wallflower.

Till next time!