Saturday, February 25, 2012

Short-n-Sweet Saturday

Well, this one is definitely short and so NOT sweet...because it's NAUGHTY...oh gawd is it naughty and I LOVE IT!!!

This week's "one shot" rec comes to you from kitkat681's compilation of birthday one shots under the heading of "You Say It's Your Birthday."  They are, of course, all fantastic...but I'm specifically recommending the latest addition, chapter 11 as it was written for yours truly :)

Thank you so much KK!!

You Say It’s Your Birthday
SUMMARY: Happy birthday to it your birthday? Check here to see if Kitkat got you something for your special day...constantly updated to show my love...all pairings/canon/non-canon/slash/fem-slash/EVERYTHING!
They were standing around my living room in all different states of undress. Rose and Alice were both wearing delicate lingerie, since they liked to have it ripped off of them. Esme was nude, gloriously bare for all to see. Jasper and Emmett had on low-slung sweats, and nothing else. And our two newest members were still dressed in their street clothes, although I could see from the bulge pushing against the front of his jeans, and the way her little nipples poked through her dress, they were far from immune to the visual stimulation in front of them.
"So, are we ready to get started?" I asked, slowly unbuttoning my dress shirt and tossing it onto the chair behind me. Emmett stuffed his hand down the front of his sweats when I moved to the zipper of my pants. He was always so eager.
"I think instead of our usual warm-up, we should take the time to make our newcomers feel welcome," I suggested, and the enthusiastic nods from everyone made me laugh. "Excellent! Boys, we're going to make Edward feel at home, while the ladies take care of Bella."
Both Edward and Bella looked shocked, but I had told then about our arrangement. If they wanted to play, they followed my instructions implicitly. If they wanted to leave, they could.
But until they walked out that door...they were mine.


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