Friday, July 27, 2012

Collaboration DEBUT!

My first project with JA Mash... our drabble entry for the DYAC prompt challenge.  

Summary:  One day, three missent texts and four couples... secrets spilled and relationships kindled but who will be the last to know? A soap opera of fanfic proportions. Rated M for language and slashy lemons.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Checking in ... what's going on...

Howdy darlin's, thought I'd drop by to share some of what's been keeping me busy...

First off, in the real world:

I've been talking with a publishing house and have made the decision to rework To Serve Is Divine into a 3 book series.  My author page on Facebook can be found HERE and you can follow me on Twitter HERE @REHargrave .  The fabulous JA Mash is in the process of helping me set up a new blog that will be for my "published persona."

Secondly, in the fanfiction world:

A Road Trip to Remember is a multi author collaboration that has finally started posting, and yes, I am one of the authors!  It's under penname UtterChaosFanfiction HERE

Summary: 3 friends venture out for the trip of a lifetime, along the way, their wayward party doubles and their lives are all changed in more ways than they expected. Collab fic. Rated M for L&L All canon pairings and all human (banner by the lovely SoapyMayhem)